Police Take ‘Thong Thief’ into Arrest Who Is Alleged to Have Stolen $14K in Victoria’s Secret Underwear

**"Thong Thief Busted: $14K Victoria's Secret Heist Unveiled"**

In an incredible turn of events, Leticia Martinez Perez, an Arizona lady of 24 years old who went by the notorious moniker “Thong Thief,” has been taken into custody by Glendale police. Perez is charged with masterminding many egregious robberies, allegedly taking more than $14,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear from several west Phoenix retailers.

According to police records, this arrest is the result of a series of occurrences that occurred over several months, from November to March.

The Takedown

The arrest of Perez on May 15 marked a major win for Glendale police, who had been hunting down the person suspected of carrying out the bold thefts.

The Glendale Police Department posted on X, the original name of Twitter, after her arrest with the caption, “No more panty proceeds for her.” The post revealed Perez’s intention to benefit from the sale of the stolen goods by highlighting her admission of guilt.

The Chain of Larceny

On November 29, in Desert Sky Mall, which is close to 75th Avenue and Thomas Road, the crime spree started. This was just the start of a string of thefts that Perez is accused of committing with astonishing regularity and boldness.

Thefts persisted at the same Phoenix location on January 10, January 23 (twice), January 26, January 31, February 1, and March 8, according to police data.

The most recent theft to be recorded happened on March 20 in Glendale’s Arrowhead Mall, which is located close to Bell Road and 75th Avenue.

Perez is said to have operated alone in the Phoenix crimes during these episodes, although he was assisted in the Glendale theft. Perez and an unidentified male accomplice were seen on surveillance footage from the Glendale business.

Glendale police contacted the man after comparing his face to the CCTV photographs and conducting additional investigation. The individual acknowledged being in the pictures, but he denied knowing anything about the thefts or what Perez had done with the stolen goods. He figured Perez was trying to get money for the stuff.

The ‘Thong Thief’ Admits

Perez acknowledged in a post-Miranda interview that he was the person shown in the CCTV images from all nine events. She clarified that the thefts started in November after learning that the Victoria’s Secret store at Desert Sky Mall had few employees, making it a prime target for thefts.

Perez acknowledged that she went into the store specifically intending to shoplift in each of the incidents that followed.

Perez’s dire need for cash drove him to commit these thefts. According to her statements in the police files, she sold the stolen undergarments to pay for drugs and to book a motel room for the night.

In addition, Perez would sell the stolen things to individuals on the street who would ask for specific products.

Even after realizing that what she was doing was wrong, Perez continued to commit crimes until she was apprehended. Due to her role in the series of crimes, she is currently facing 20 counts of organized retail theft, which carries serious legal ramifications.

Effects on the Community and Reflections

The neighborhood and the impacted retail shops are relieved that the “Thong Thief” has been apprehended. As a result of Perez’s actions, Victoria’s Secret, a well-known company that sells lingerie, experienced significant losses.

These cases exposed the wider effects of organized retail theft on social and economic levels, undermining the community’s confidence in the safety and security of nearby companies.

Perez’s case highlights the intricate interaction of socio-economic elements that motivate people to commit violent crimes in a larger environment.

Her financial need to pay for her drug use and transient housing speaks to the terrible reality that many people who are battling addiction and homelessness must face.

This instance serves as a powerful reminder of how critical it is to deploy extensive social support networks to address the underlying reasons of criminal behavior.

The “Thong Thief,” Leticia Martinez Perez, was apprehended, bringing a stop to a major stealing spree that afflicted Victoria’s Secret stores in west Phoenix.

The community is hoping that the legal process will result in justice and a return to safety for local business establishments. This example highlights the necessity for comprehensive approaches to crime prevention and social welfare and also asks for a closer look at the underlying problems that give rise to such criminal activity.

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