Victoria’s Secret ‘Thong Thief’ Nabbed: $14K Underwear Heist Unraveled by Police

Police in Arizona have finally captured the infamous “Thong Thief,” who had been terrorizing Victoria’s Secret buyers, in a plot straight out of a Hollywood heist movie. Leticia Martinez Perez, 24, is charged with masterminding several audacious heists in which she allegedly stole $14,000 worth of underwear from Victoria’s Secret locations in west Phoenix.

The story, which took place over the course of nine egregious events between November and March, left customers double-checking their undergarments and investigators scratching their heads. But justice prevailed when Glendale police swooped in and apprehended Perez on May 15, putting an end to her panty pilfering spree.

“No more panty proceeds for her,” declared the Glendale Police Department in a cheeky post on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), announcing Perez’s capture. According to police reports, Perez didn’t shy away from admitting her deeds, confessing to the nefarious scheme and revealing her motive: turning stolen underwear into cold, hard cash.

The brazenness of Perez’s exploits, coupled with the sheer audacity of her thefts, captured the imagination of locals and garnered widespread attention across the nation. News of the “Thong Thief” sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many to wonder how such a daring criminal could operate with impunity for so long.

With each meticulously planned heist, Perez left Victoria’s Secret stores reeling, their shelves stripped bare of lacy intimates. The sheer volume and frequency of her thefts left law enforcement baffled, as they struggled to piece together the puzzle of the elusive lingerie bandit.

Perez might have believed she was sliding through the gaps, but the police had other ideas. After endlessly searching through security material and pursuing leads, Glendale police eventually made progress that resulted in Perez’s capture. The long arm of the law proved to be too strong for the “Thong Thief”.

Customers of Victoria’s Secret exhale in unison as word of Perez’s arrest spreads, knowing that their underwear is now again safe. Nonetheless, the story of the “Thong Thief” serves as a warning, urging us all to exercise caution when dealing with bold criminals who will do whatever it takes to satiate their unlawful cravings.

As Perez awaits her day in court, the residents of west Phoenix can rest a little easier, knowing that justice has been served and that their unmentionables are no longer at the mercy of the infamous “Thong Thief.”

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