Do Holiday Scheduling Blues with Shift Planning Apps

The season of abundance and joy! The air is filled with the aroma of delectable dishes, the sight of overflowing gifts, and the hustle and bustle of eager shoppers. Should your shops be understaffed, the peril of falling short on sales targets looms large. Conversely, overstaffing poses the threat of sending your wage expenses spiraling into chaos. Striking the right balance is the key to navigating this bustling season successfully.  Shift Planning Apps offer the means to strike this balance.

Let’s delve deeper into their role.

Holiday Season Schedules Unwrapped

During the holiday season, retailers encounter intensified versions of the usual challenges they face throughout the year. This period is akin to Santa’s bustling workshop, especially in the UK where the stretch from October to December is referred to as the ‘golden quarter’ due to its pivotal role in annual revenue. Expect stores to teem with not just last-minute gift hunters but also individuals collecting online orders. Beyond the staff manning counters, others will manage omnichannel purchases involving posting, receiving deliveries, and gift wrapping. Special opening hours are the norm, with potential early closures or complete shutdowns on December 24, 25, and 26, and possibly extended operating hours on other days, sometimes even around-the-clock. Adjusting weekly schedules becomes essential, particularly for businesses operating internationally, needing to accommodate various regional holidays. December prompts vacation requests from employees, regardless of their personal celebrations, as it’s a cherished time for connecting with loved ones. Crafting a work schedule demands maximum flexibility to honor these diverse requests.

Many Advantages of Shift Planner Apps

Our shift planning apps come in two forms: standalone applications and mobile-centric adaptations of our workforce management (WFM) solution. While these variations share numerous similarities, the app boasts the perk of being easily accessible on the move, presenting several scheduling advantages in terms of convenience and accessibility.

Workers Have the Freedom to Select the Hours That Best Suit Their Convenience and Preferences.

A shift planning app can empower employees seeking greater control and adaptability in managing their holiday hours.

Shift Planner Apps Allows Staff to do the Following:

Shift Shake-Up: Plans change, and when an employee finds they can’t work on the eve of a public holiday, they opt to swap for another holiday, like New Year’s Eve. A shift swap becomes essential!

Search and Request: The swapper hunts through the schedule to spot someone working New Year’s Eve, initiating a shift swap request.

Agree and Approve: Upon agreement from the swapee, the manager steps in, notified to green-light or reject the swap.

Automatic Swaps: You have the option to automate swaps, eliminating the need for managerial approval. Shift planner apps ensure compliance with internal rules and labor laws in either setup.

Holiday Harmony: Organize the vacation calendar early by setting a deadline for holiday requests via the app. This gives managers a clear view of planned absences and potential staffing gaps.

Holiday Season Approach: While top-down scheduling usually works throughout the year, the holiday season might demand a different strategy. Even the most meticulous December shift plans often trigger a flurry of “I can’t work that day” responses from staff. Employees then get to explore available shifts in shift planner apps, picking the ones that fit their preferences after managers provide a range of options.

Easier Communication with the Help of Shift Planner Apps

Utilizing a shift planning app streamlines the process, eliminating the necessity for frequent emails or calls whenever schedules shift. Instant notifications within the app keep employees updated promptly, granting them peace of mind while saving managers valuable time. Moreover, these apps double as internal communication hubs in daily operations.
Featuring Chat, an integrated instant messaging tool, employees can effortlessly communicate among themselves or with their managers directly within the shift planner app. Administrators with appropriate permissions can issue no-reply announcements, reaching the entire organization or specific departments as needed. For retail businesses, relying on a shift planning app becomes crucial to manage increased demands, alongside leveraging additional tools within the app’s comprehensive WFM solution, including KPI reporting and payroll exports.

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