United Airlines Engine Bursts Into Flames at Chicago Airport

In a harrowing incident on Memorial Day, United Airlines Flight 2901 experienced an engine fire shortly after takeoff from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the nation. The event prompted a temporary halt in arrivals, causing significant disruption during the holiday travel rush.

The flight, which was bound for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, reported the engine fire around 2 p.m. CT. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released early data indicating that the problem occurred shortly after the Airbus A320 took off from the runway.

Witnesses at O’Hare reported seeing a chaotic situation while the right engine of the aircraft was spewing smoke. Passengers on board recounted a tense few minutes before the plane returned to the airport. “We had just taken off when there was a loud bang, and then the smell of smoke filled the cabin,” said Sarah Thompson, a passenger on Flight 2901. “The crew remained calm, which helped, but it was definitely frightening.”

Chicago-based United Airlines confirmed the incident, stating, “There was an issue with the engine, which our local ground crew and emergency responders immediately addressed.” The airline assured that the situation was handled swiftly and effectively, emphasizing their commitment to passenger safety.

Upon the aircraft’s return to O’Hare, it was towed to the gate where passengers safely deplaned. No injuries were reported among the 167 passengers and crew members on board. The FAA noted that the airport halted inbound flights for about 45 minutes to manage the emergency response, leading to delays and some cancellations as the busy travel day was further complicated by the incident.

Responders commended the flying crew and ground staff for their prompt action. According to O’Hare Fire Chief Michael O’Brien, “the flight crew did an outstanding job in managing the situation and ensuring the aircraft returned safely.” “Our emergency response team arrived on the scene right away to help ensure that the passengers were evacuated safely.”

The incident has sparked discussions about airline safety and the rigorous maintenance protocols followed by major carriers. “Engine fires, while rare, are situations that airlines train extensively for,” said aviation expert John Barnes. The swift resolution of this incident speaks to the effectiveness of those protocols.”

For passengers on the ground, the sudden suspension of flights led to a ripple effect of delays. James Carter, who was waiting for a flight to New York, described the scene in the terminal. “There were announcements about the incident, and then everything just stopped. People were anxious, but the airport staff did a good job keeping everyone informed.”

United Airlines is working closely with the FAA to investigate the cause of the engine fire. “Safety is our top priority,” the airline said in a statement. “We will conduct a thorough review to understand what happened and to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

As operations at O’Hare resumed, passengers reflected on the day’s events with a mixture of relief and gratitude. “I’m just thankful everyone is okay,” said Thompson. “It’s a reminder of how much we rely on the professionalism of airline staff and emergency responders.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel, even as millions take to the skies for holidays and special occasions. Despite the scare, the effective handling of Flight 2901’s emergency has reassured many of the stringent safety measures in place to protect passe

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