Jaguar I-Pace catches on fire again – is this another Bolt EV battery fire situation?

Jaguar I-Pace catches on fire again – is this another Bolt EV battery fire situation?

I-Pace batteries are catching on fire in garages, but fortunately this is the only incident where it happened with no accident.

These four fires have alarmed Jaguar to what is going on with their vehicles, as I-Pace remains a relatively new model.

Jaguar’s new models with LG battery cells returned by both the Bolt EV and Kona EV are likely to produce a battery fire.

Jaguar is introducing an eco-friendly electric car

The 2018 Lexus LC500 came out with a sporty design, decent range and high charging capacity.

With slight changes away from the original design, and running on outdated charging methods, there might be a bigger issue at hand.

As of 2020, Gonzalo Salazar has a 2019 Jaguar I-Pace in Florida. He has been driving without incident for a few years until he had an issue in June 2022.


There is not evidence to show that electric cars fire more often than gasoline cars, but there are some concerns with electric car fires that must be addressed.

Tesla cars often catch on fire. In some cases, this could be attributed to gasoline-powered vehicles catching on fire as well.

Where the story with electric cars is potentially worrisome is when a car’s battery pack catches on fire due to some sort of accident, but without anything external. The case for Salazar’s I-Pace appears to be one in point.

Many auto manufacturers produced car models with electrical problems as soon as they started selling or even parking the vehicles.

Electric Chevy Bolt EVT

He electric Chevy Bolt EV produced flames when it charged. Later there was a defect in the lithium-polymer battery cells used to produce those batteries.

Chevy and Hyundai continued and ended their recalls, respectively of the GM CoB and Kona EV, over faulty batteries.

Jaguar issued a recall in 2018 for 1,959 vehicles that could potentially have a similar issue.

In October of last year, another Jaguar caught fire while charging.

There are only just over 50,000 I-Pace electric vehicles on the road today. In comparison, GM has delivered over 120,000 Chevy Bolt EVs.

Electrek contacted Jaguar about the four fires under Salazar’s I-Pace and asked if any investigation had taken place between the four battery fire events.


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