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How NASCAR Drivers Feel The Effects Of Next Gen Car

NASCAR drivers experience more jarring impacts with the new Next Gen car. With a faster, smoother ride, the impact of bumps is heightened and still there for a longer amount

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 2 Min Read

Peloton Bundles Up For The Winter And Heads To Amazon

Peloton, a fitness company, had to meet certain demands before selling their product. It was only until last week when

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 2 Min Read

Toyota Set To Invest $5.3 Billion In U.S. Japan

Toyota Motor Aug 31 (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T)said on Wednesday it would invest up to 730 billion. Yen

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 2 Min Read

What Is Theresa May’s Brexit Plan, And Why Would She Succeed?

New prime minister A new prime minister is expected to be named Monday following a leadership contest within the ruling

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 4 Min Read

Can Deer Swim? Here’s The Answer To That Question

Do you think that deer are just as good in the water as they are on land? Just like me, are you curious to know if they can swim? Read

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 10 Min Read

The Tesla Model Y Gets Top Safety Rating From The NHTSA

Tesla continues to win awards for its safety ratings, with the Model Y receiving the highest safety ratings from Euro

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 3 Min Read

Brazil orders Apple to reserve iPhone sales without charger

The Justice Ministry penalized Apple twelve.275 million raised ($2.38 million) and ordered the cancellation of the sale of the iPhone

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 2 Min Read

NASA Takes Aim For Brilliant, Earth-Shaking Launch For The Artemis Mission

The upcoming launch of the Space Launch System(SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft, at Launch Complex 39B, will be historic.

Stephen Ecort Stephen Ecort 2 Min Read