Here’s How Much Apple’s New iPhones Could Cost You On Next Year’s Release

Here's How Much Apple's New iPhones Could Cost You On Next Year's Release

According to reports in July, Apple will unveil a bevy of new products from Apple Watches to AirPods at their September event on Wednesday.

But if the rest of its summer product launches are anything like what it did this past month, it’s the company’s upgraded iPhones that will garner the most attention.


Apple is likely to retire the lower-price iPhone 13 at $699, replacing it with a larger and more expensive model 14 expected to be priced about 900 dollars.


The higher price of the iPhone 14 may help Apple charge more for its iPhones by making it possible for them to sell a large screen on the less expensive iPhones.

It will also introduce an older, standard LCD iPhone 13 design at $699 that offers less screen space.


Analysts at JPMorgan have suggested that Apple might increase the prices of their Pro models due to inflation and supply chain pressures.

They predicted that this will be more significant for their wearables like the Apple Watch.


“Prices are important to watch in the macro environment,” they wrote on Tuesday. 

“Inflationary pressures and pullback in consumer spending come with a price tag. This doesn’t, however, pertain to wearables

Wearables are considered more discretionary than Apple’s iPhones by consumers.””Prices are important in the macroeconomic environment,” they wrote on Tuesday.


“Inflation pressures and a pullback in consumer spending come with a price tag. However, none of this applies to wearables.” In terms of discretionary items, consumers see wearables as less attractive compared to the iPhones made by Apple Inc.

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