Why is language learning important for studying?

Is learning a language necessary for higher education?

Unfortunately, our country Pakistan has two separate education systems. That is, the system of government schools whose students have poor English and the system of private schools whose students have good English. Matriculation brings these systems together and students from government schools compete with students from private schools. This competition is not fair. Especially FA and BA English papers are very difficult for students studying from government schools. Because of this they get low marks or fail or get help by paying money to the examiner in the English paper.

It is better if this injustice ends soon. It is not understood how and how it will end because the rich people of Pakistan are benefiting from all the resources of Pakistan even though they are few, until they are ready to share these resources openly until the difference between the rich and the poor remains. This injustice of the educational field will remain. However, a private organization in Punjab, CARE, is ending this injustice. 22,000 students are getting excellent education at very low fees in CARE schools!

Students who have studied from private schools in Pakistan have a lot of convenience in terms of studying and working in foreign countries and at the university level. So I think there are thousands of benefits of learning English and everyone should learn this language as much as possible. However, apart from English, all Muslims should pay attention to learning Arabic and Persian so that all Muslims can communicate with each other. Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran and every Muslim must learn Arabic.

Urdu language

In order to learn any language, apart from studying it, it is necessary to use it. Often people who do not understand the language feel hesitant to use it. This hesitation is the biggest obstacle in their way. You must learn as many languages ​​as possible and use them freely. What will happen? More and more you will make mistakes and more and more someone will laugh at your mistakes. Why should you be afraid of mistakes? People who are afraid of making mistakes are left behind in the fields of life, while people who experiment and make mistakes get ahead!

I have learned Punjabi and Persian languages ​​in the last few years. Learned Punjabi only by speaking. Learned Persian by reading and speaking. I used these languages ​​without hesitation while teaching. People often laughed at my mistakes, so I laughed with them and apologized. Thanks to Allah, I can speak fluent Punjabi and Farsi today because of these mistakes. Even though I still make mistakes. Now, God willing, I have started learning Arabic. You also pray for me

I hope you will also focus on learning more languages.

Whenever you have to learn a language… practice reading, writing, understanding, and speaking it. No matter how much people laugh at your language. In this language, listen, read, and speak whatever you find in newspapers, magazines, curricular and non-curricular books, radio, TV, audio cassettes, and video cassettes. I have come to the conclusion that just as travel is a means of victory, language is also a means of victory. The more languages ​​you learn, the more you will benefit. Special schools have also opened in most of the big cities to teach English. If you have the time and some money, these schools have 6. You can learn fluent English in just 7 months. Also make it a habit to read light English books and read and listen to English programs from English newspapers, radio, and TV. Khanna Farhangs are present in eight cities of Iran-Pakistan and teach Farsi. There are also centers for learning French and German languages. There are plenty of opportunities to learn Arabic. Allama Iqbal Open University also teaches Arabic through correspondence and textbooks. Arabic lessons often come from TV.

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