Tonight at Benito FC juarez Olympic Stadium, FC juarez Bravas will meet Club America women in their first-ever playoff game, and history will be made. The Bravas scored 28 points, their highest total for a regular season ever, as a result of their best regular season in club history.


Milagros Martinez, the team’s head coach and technical director, is just in her second season of turnaround work. Jasmin Casarez, a player from California, and Miah Zuazua, a player from Dallas, as well as Julitha Singano and Jermaine Seoposenwe, players from Tanzania and South Africa, respectively, were acquired as part of the deal, and their additions have proven to be crucial to the team’s expansion.

On the Mexican Women’s Network, Zuazua and Casarez have established themselves as Nationwide Group.

Sixth-seeded FC Juarez amassed 28 points during the regular season as a result of eight victories, four draws, and five defeats. America, the third-seeded team in the playoff bracket, scored 37 points on the strength of 11 victories, four ties, and just two defeats.

During week 12 of the regular season, these two teams played each other at Benito FC Juarez Olympic Stadium, and the game finished in a 3-3 draw.

For FC Juarez, It Appears Like the Locomotive Is Moving

El Paso Locomotive FC will seek to continue their current seven-match unbeaten streak against the Birmingham Legion on Saturday night. These two teams are playing one other for the first time in Alabama. It will mark their seventh consecutive winless run in their a five-game span.

Despite dropping their last three games, The Legion is currently in third position in the eastern conference of the USL Championship.

As he told the media earlier this week, Clarhaut believes that his team’s current success is a direct result of their defensive work. According to Clarhaut, the defensive effort was what separated where we are today from where we were in our first three games. He added that communication among all defensive players has increased. We’re also more adept in box defending, and it’s more structured and organized.

The Locos manager is merely focusing on the next job for his club, despite the current streak. Every game, we try to score three points. Birmingham is a capable group that has some of the the league, so it simply comes down to what we do: getting ready for Birmingham, not worrying about the run, and winning a difficult game. 




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