Harley-Davidson Announces Reopening of Del Mar Electric Motorcycle Reservations

Harley-Davidson Announces Reopening of Del Mar Electric Motorcycle Reservations

If you’re thinking of pre-ordering a LiveWire S2 Del Mar e-bike, we’ve got good news for you. The wait will soon be over as Harley-Davidson’s electric sub-brand, LiveWire, will resume accepting reservations later this month.

The next pre-order for his second electric motorcycle model on LiveWire will officially open to the public on Sept. 27 at 9:30am ET. If this round of bookings is near the end, it’s going to be a wild ride for the first few minutes.

When his LiveWire S2 Del Mar launched this summer, the first 100 units of his limited launch edition sold out in just 18 minutes. If you missed this round like I did, next week is your second chance. Or rather, the first shot on the second round bike.

Price Tag

These aren’t individually numbered launch edition bikes, but that also means the higher price tag of $17,699 is likely closer to the originally stated $15,000 target. The Del Mar is technically LiveWire’s second electric motorcycle model, but is actually LiveWire’s first in-house model.

That’s because the brand’s flagship electric motorcycle, the LiveWire One, which currently sells for $22,000, was essentially inherited from Harley-Davidson. The bike is mostly a hand-me-down, but one of the coolest hand-me-downs I’ve ever received.

Originally, the electric model first launched as legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson LiveWire. I had the chance to test it while it still had the original Harley logo with bars and shield, and it was a masterclass in electric motorcycle design.


Now, the LiveWire brand has finally moved on from its parent home and is launching its own bike under its own brand. The LiveWire S2 Del Mar is a completely redesigned motorcycle. Gone are LiveWire One’s sophisticated but expensive Revelation electric motors. Instead, a conventional direct drive motor with single belt reduction is used.

Gone are the giant battery packs in cast aluminum frames. In its place is a smaller battery  that uses a structural case to replace the need for a frame.

This structural combination of battery and motor is part of the ARROW architecture, which LiveWire may use to introduce future bikes on a similar platform. And if the demand for the S2 Del Mar is any indication, we won’t be seeing these future models anytime soon. The LiveWire S2 Del Mar was launched in the growing market of mid-range electric motorcycles.

Its specs may be better than the entry-level Zero, which has lower speed and range ratings, but the S2 Del Mar also costs about $3,000 more than the entry-level Zero.


The growing number of low-cost electric motorcycles, with options like the $8,400 CSC RX1E, $8,000 Ryvid Anthem, and $6,500 SONDORS Metacycle, is also building a new entry-level vehicle market. .

But none of these bikes can match the performance of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar, nor offer the same presence as Harley dealers across the country. Expected to hit just under 100 miles per hour, the S2 Del Mar is advertised as having 100 miles of range around town, making it one of the most expensive but market-leading electric commuter bikes.

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