The List Of The Most Popular Apps In 2022

The List Of The Most Popular Apps In 2022

As the momentum from 2020 continued, it became difficult for apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams that grew rapidly, as millions of businesses, schools, and people adapted their workspace to virtual reality.
Changes to how we work may take hold as the Covid virus continues to have an effect on our society, and borders are still closed.
TikTok remains the most popular app, with a potential sale going to Oracle and Walmart instead. The VP has reversed an order by President Trump to sell the app.
Several short-video-based apps were able to gain 50 million active users in India this year. TikTok was banned from the country, which led to a lost opportunity of 250 million active users.

Apps Key Statistics :

Facebook is still the company dominating downloads, with four of the top 10 most downloaded apps published by Facebook.
With most apps still seeing five year growth, it’s good that the majority managed to keep pace. However, some popular apps like TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat lost over 100 million downloads in 2021.
In the latest year, cryptocurrency saw much higher downloads and usage. Categories like travel, transport and dating all benefited from the opening up of tourism and hospitality.
TikTok users grow by 140% in under one year
Among Us is the most popular globally downloadable app in 2020
TikTok, which had the most number of downloads in 2019 globally, increased its total installs by two million. Cash App came second in the same year. One possible reason for this is the expansion of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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