Head of iVisions Wins Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award

Head of iVisions Wins Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award


Maneli Rezvani, CEO of iVisions GmbH, has been named in Business Worldwide Magazine’s annual awards.

The awards seek to identify and recognize innovative business leaders across a wide range of industries.

Unlike other business awards, which focus on the companies themselves, this award’s focus is on the individuals who lead these organizations.

The aim is to give outstanding business leaders the recognition they deserve while inspiring others to achieve similar successes.


Maneli Zeltser Rezvani, CEO of German company iVisions

Rezvani, the CEO of Bellacare, was the clear winner in this category.

Based in Cologne, Germany, iVisions GmbH is a leading B2B distributor and wholesaler of high-end branded consumer electronic products.

Maneli has been recognized by her peers as a trailblazer – not only for her innovative leadership and humility, but also as an immigrant woman in a male dominated industry.

Maneli has over 19 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is skilled at bringing company leadership to his teams.

He understands the impacts that new technologies may have on companies and the world.

Maneli knows the value of tech for connecting with others during disaster, when he worked as a team member for COVID.

Maneli believes that leaders, in particular male ones, often have the confidence to flourish and hold a position of leadership over various social and cultural differences.

By consciously putting ego aside, she encourages growth and empowerment for every individual on her team.

By hiring people from different perspectives on life, iVision has become “an ego-free zone where everyone is a valued part of the organisation regardless of gender, ethnicity, or social background.”


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