The Xbox Updated Games And Apps With A New Interface

The Xbox Updated Games And Apps With A New Interface

Xbox One and the Xbox Series

The Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S consoles share a similar interface including a large button on the dashboard dedicated to pooling your digital games.

Xbox users are able to test pre-release builds of Xbox apps, like the updated dashboard.

The latest beta version of the Xbox Insider Program has made a few improvements to the Games & Apps library.

It utilizes tabs for seperation of content by source.

The new Xbox Insider Alpha Ring lets you browse all of your installed content and games without leaving the dashboard.

Previous month’s Xbox Insider build added Discord to the sidebar, which is great for gamers who are participating in the Xbox Insider Program.

NewUI redesigns the “Full Library” section. Before, it was difficult for users to find content without scrolling for miles on end.

Now, the interface is clean and fast with tabs with titles: Me (Content I created), Owned games that I have purchased, Xbox Game Pass, or EA Play.

Xbox Full Games & Apps library, redesigned as of August 2022, explained

The Xbox Game Pass tab makes use of designed filters that put less focus on recent additions or leaving soon–the two categories typically found in other game consoles’ tabs.

In addition to these filters and tile sizes, as with all other types of content, you also get filters that allow you to find anything you need in just a few clicks.

“Math is good,” which collects all mathematics on YouTube.

“Owned games,” which refers to all content you’ve purchased.

“Xbox Game Pass” gives you access to games you didn’t have to pay for. Specifically, a list of multiple games are included in this section.

“Play Later,” “Recently added,” and “Leaving soon” at the top of its library.

EA Play

With EA Play, you can purchase a subscription which includes access to EA games such as Battlefield, FIFA and Mass Effect.

Additionally, your subscription comes with a “Recently added” section along with an “Article Trials” section for new games that come with a 10-hour limited feature as part.

“Games with Gold” includes all the games that you can get free of charge every month through Xbox Live.

The Tech Sector

Get the latest Xbox games and apps from August 2022

Microsoft may have built this streamlined section to incorporate other future gaming subscription pools into the library.

The recent discovery by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter of Xbox’s back-end assets that Microsoft may be exploring a partnership.

With the Assassin’s Creed publisher, in a collaboration similar to what Xbox Game Pass has with EA Play.

In recent years, subscription games have proven more and more lucrative for AAA publishers.

With the release of the Xbox Game Pass, it seems Microsoft wants to increase the value of the service, which is why they have added features to it and will soon be adding a family plan.

Xbox’s Games & Apps library was recently released through the Xbox Insider Program, and is expected to enters the general public soon.


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